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Artwork, accounts, and the occasional observation from Rebecca's life

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I'm a 22 year old student at the University of Washington who is in the computer engineering depaterment who enjoys TAing as well as drawing or knitting in class. I am now a 23 24 (yikes!) year old hardware engineer at Cisco Systems down in the Bay Area, working on schematics and longing for code writing diagnostics code in bloody Object Oriented Perl (kill me!) and longing for Java. I still draw all the time- in meetingss rather then class now- embroider and knit when I can. My cube mate and I call ourselves "The United Cubic Nation(s)" and try to be fun in this stiff collar joint. I use this journal mostly for updates and records of my life and art projects. You'll find a lot of "I did this and this and this" kind of posts and few to none of the deep and abstract kind.

WARNING: I make it a point to post a picture along with every update I make, so if you don't like large posts on your friends list (and I rarely LJ cut anything to boot) don't bother adding me. I have no problem with random people adding me to their friends list or commenting on my posts, but don't expect me to turn around and add you in return.

Update: Sheesh, I started this journal when I started college. I'm graduating this Spring and going to work for Cisco down in San Francisco. A respectable portion of my art has moved to gaslight_rpg so be sure to check it out if you're interested in such things.
Updated Update: Gaslight has ended, alas, although a lot of my artwork still lingers there.(ended a year an a half ago, moving on) I'm still just dumping my scans in a directory and the few photos I take can be found at my Flickr page. Links to my .cgi scripts that just dump all the images in the directory (separations come from pre/post college/college servers): old LJ post pictures, old Gaslight pictures, new LJ pictures, Flickr. Due to server switch over after I graduated, some old LJ posts no longer display their image (I'm slowly changing them over to the new address.... slowly...) If you think a post has a missing image and REALLY want to see it- check the source. The old part of the address: http://students.washington.edu/sithel/ needs to change to http://sithel.alttab.org/oldUWStuff/

Current driving interests are sketching and making random creatures in a variety of media- the crochet ones can be see on Ravelry as "sithel". I spend my weeknights at my Internet-free apartment out in suburb-land working on random art projects, and my weekends in the city with the boyfriend. I cannot stress how awesome not-having-internet can be to help you focus on making things.

UPDATE : I left Cisco as of May 16th 2008 and am now working for Acuitus. I officially spent twenty months and three days at Cisco.